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Below are just some of the questions we are frequently asked about asbestos:

Asbestos refers to a group of fibrous minerals, which occur within nature and have been used in the manufacture of over 3000 products and building materials. Although asbestos fibres are microscopic in nature, they are extremely durable and are resistant to fire and most chemical reactions. The strength of asbestos, combined with its resistance to heat, allowed it to become the material of choice in a variety of products. These products are commonly found in commercial and domestic properties that were built or refurbished before 1999.

Over time the risks associated with asbestos became known, and a range of diseases was identified as having been caused by asbestos fibres. This is why laws have been introduced to protect people from the risks associated with asbestos removal and disposal.

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Asbestos may be part of any commercial or domestic building built or refurbished before 1999.

Asbestos can typically be found in any of the following:

  • textured decorative coatings (Artex)
  • floor tiles
  • water tanks and toilet cisterns
  • asbestos cement products (pipes, flues, garage roofs, etc.)
  • lagging (on pipes and boilers, etc.)
  • asbestos insulating board (AIB – which closely resembles typical plasterboard)
  • loose asbestos in ceiling and wall cavities
  • textiles and composites

Clarkes Environmental understands that the word asbestos can be alarming to tenants and homeowners.

Fortunately, if asbestos-containing materials are found in a well-sealed condition, and are unlikely to be damaged, they pose a low risk to people nearby.

If these materials are disturbed or damaged, fibres can be released into the air. When asbestos fibres are inhaled, they can cause serious and life-limiting diseases.

It is recommended that only trained personnel undertake sampling, repair or removal of asbestos materials to make sure health and safety controls are in place.

Clarkes Environmental hold a full Asbestos Removal License and all relevant insurance for domestic work.

Our specialist, asbestos removal operatives have been fully trained, vetted and security checked. This means you can have confidence in Clarkes Environmental staff to be considerate of your needs and to put your health and safety first.

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It can be difficult to identify asbestos, as it is often mixed with other materials.

The only way to accurately identify asbestos containing materials (ACMs) is to have a specialist take a sample of the material for analysis in an accredited laboratory.

Do not try to repair or remove any asbestos materials yourself if you have not had relevant training. You can seek help and advice from your local authority environmental health officer.

If you are sure (or strongly suspect) that your property contains asbestos materials, then it is often best to leave them where they are – providing they are in good condition and unlikely to get damaged. You should check the condition of the materials from time to time to make sure they haven’t been damaged or started to deteriorate.

Slightly damaged ACMs can sometimes be repaired but this should only be by trained personnel. Any badly-damaged asbestos material likely to become further damaged should be removed. Some materials should only be removed by a specialist asbestos removal contractor licensed by the Health and Safety Executive.

If you are planning any DIY, home improvements, repairs or maintenance – and intend to bring in builders, maintenance workers or contractors – you should inform them of any asbestos materials in your home before they start work. This will help reduce the risks of any asbestos materials being disturbed. The Health and Safety Executive strongly encourages the use of trained professionals to repair or remove asbestos-containing materials.

Please be aware that ACMs need to be legally disposed of as hazardous waste and should not be mixed with normal household waste.

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Asbestos removal is a job for experts only, using full safety equipment and adhering to stringent legislation. Failure to consult an expert is not only against the law, it is also putting yourself and others at significant health risk.

As one of the largest licensed asbestos removal contactors in the UK and the biggest based in Scotland, with over 16 years’ experience undertaking work within domestic and commercial properties, Clarkes Environmental are the premier choice for asbestos removal.

We are licensed by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to undertake the removal and disposal of asbestos-containing materials and together with our accreditation through the Asbestos Removal Contractors Association (ARCA), this ensures that our work is completed to the highest possible standard.

Our integrated management system is certified to ISO9001 for quality, ISO14001 for Environmental Management and OHSAS18001 for Safety to provide all our customers with the assurance that our works are carried out in a conscientious, safe and considerate manner.

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