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Gas Membrane Installation

Properties built on brownfield or landfill sites could be affected by harmful, invisible gases silently seeping in from underground.

Radon, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and methane can pose a significant risk if lurking under your property, each one an asphyxiant that can result in suffocation.

These gases can occur naturally or be a result of contamination of the land where waste has been buried. In low volumes, they don’t pose a significant risk, but if you are building properties on gas-contaminated land, then you need to provide protection.

Clarke’s offers a Gas Membrane Protection service.  Gas membranes prevent ground gases migrating from the soil and into a property. The plastic sheet membranes prevent ground gases from passing through them and should be installed during the construction process at foundation stage.

When is a gas membrane required?

Gas membranes are a requirement on all high gas risk sites. In order to determine the level of risk, you will need to access or commission a report. BS 8485:2015, the code of practice for the design of protective measures for methane and carbon dioxide ground gases for new buildings and extensions, provides guidance on the following points:

  • site investigation
  • determining ground gas parameters
  • identifying protective design solutions

It is essential that gas membranes are installed correctly, meeting all applicable building standards and regulations, as any mistakes could cost lives.

Clarke’s fully qualified team can take care of this process for you to ensure a safe, quality job.

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